You’ve scheduled an appointment for a Remark photographer to come in and create fresh marketing content for your listing. Great! But first, bring in the glam squad. Identifying the listing’s best features will help you in creating a plan to show them off. It is the responsibility of the agent (or homeowner, if it’s FSBO) to prepare and clean the home prior to your appointment with Remark.

Our team is incredibly talented, but there is so much more that goes into creating a beautiful image that happens before the photographer steps foot in the home. Here’s how you can prepare for a shoot to make the most of your listing:

  1. Make it Sparkle: We can’t stress this one enough! It is imperative that you clean the home from top to bottom before a photoshoot, or hire a cleaning service to get down and dirty for you.

  2. Declutter: When it comes to photos, less is more. This means clearing off countertops, shelves and paper-filled desks need a new home. This includes small kitchen appliances, toys, pet items, and paper materials. Even when organized, too much “stuff” can look messy.

  3. Bye Bye Trash Cans: Indoor and outdoor trash cans must remain hidden!

  4. Toilet Seats Down: We hope this would be a given, but just in case, lids down!

  5. Fix 👏Those 👏 Shades👏: We’re talking window shades and lamp shades. These are two quick fixes that make a world of difference.

    1. Pull up those blinds and show us the light! The more natural lighting the better. Unless you don’t want to show a specific view, then try opening the slats on the blinds to let light in but not the view.

    2. Straighten the lampshades. Nothing makes a picture feel more off-kilter than a crooked lampshade. It's an easy fix that makes a world of difference, so do it!

  6. Feng Shui: If it hasn’t been done already, arrange the furniture in a way that maximizes space and makes it feel easy and natural to move through the room.

  7. Hide Personal Items: As much as your homeowners feel they are a part of the home, you need to allow potential buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves living there. Before a shoot, it’s best to hide away personal pieces like family photos. On this note, places where personal items are stored (ie. Garages, laundry rooms, closets), no matter how tidy, are best seen in person rather than in photos. We recommend leaving these areas out.

  8. The Devil’s in The Details: Look at the rooms through a magnifying lens- now is the time to check for things like cracks, holes in the wall, minor structural damage, or tile grime.

  9. Create a Welcoming Environment: Imagine that you’re setting up to host a party. Tend to the lawn and garden, clean the pool, create a seasonal arrangement at the front door. Add fresh flowers to the kitchen, family room, and other key areas. An inviting space makes for an awesome photoshoot.

  10. Highlight Best Features: Show off the major selling points by making them the focus of a room, whether that means rearranging furniture, doing some extra cleaning, or adding a little something like flowers or a plant to make it pop- it’s up to you!

Now that your listing is ready for the photographer, here is how you can help during the shoot:

  • Stay out of the room to avoid getting caught in photos. Our wide-angle lenses can catch more than you think!

  • Turn on all of the lights to assist with brightness.

  • Pull off the grill covers in outdoor spaces and open up any umbrellas.

  • Spray down the driveway right before taking exterior photos- trust us, it works!

If there’s only one message that you take away from this article, it should be this:

If it’s not how you’d show it at an open house, then it’s not photo-ready. Simple as that!

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