Once your photographer has delivered your photos, Matterport, videos, etc., you'll want to upload the content onto our custom property websites.

Start by heading over to your dashboard and looking under the Downloads & Websites tab. You should be able to see your listing information there.

Click on your listing, and it will take you to the editing page. Once you are there, there should be multiple tabs for you to input the property information as well as a mobile preview of your property website.

The first tab on the left is Add Domain Name. Putting the listing address is a reliable domain name for your property website. Domain name purchases are good for up to 1 year.

The second tab should be your listing property information. This allows you to fill out your listing information on the property and your contact information for your clients. Once you've entered your listing's information, click Save Changes.

The third tab is Download & Arranging Photos. Under this tab, you will be able to download all of the property photos we have taken for you. You can select Original download, MLS Resolution, and Print Resolution. You can also rearrange the order of the uploaded images how you best see fit.

The fourth and fifth tabs are about uploading videos we have taken of the listing. You will be able to upload the branded and unbranded versions of the video into this section.

The fifth and final section of the editing page is the 3D tour. If we provided floor plans or Matterport, you would have received an embedding code. Copy and paste the embed code into the tab, and it will automatically be added to your property site!

While you are making these updates, you will be able to view your changes in real-time. We have a minimized version of your property website on display next to the information you are inputting. To see the full version of your property website, drag your mouse to the top right of our display example. Click on Branded Site or Unbranded Site to view your listing webpage (the small square icon will open the webpage in a new tab).

If you have any other questions about how to edit your listings in the new dashboard, please email support@remarkvisions.com.

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